Blue Chartreuse
Blue Chartreuse
Blue Chartreuse
Blue Chartreuse

Blue Chartreuse

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 A bright batik in a neon chartreuse color that is accented with the perfect, bright blue checkerboard pattern. It's fun and kid friendly!

Available in 3 sizes!

Small -  props a smartphone, MP3 player, or small electronic device

Medium - props a small or mini tablet,    e-book, reader, or GPS device

Large - props a large or full-size tablet (10 inch or larger)                                                                                                                                                                                    Tidbits you should know...

- The Podnest will support the respective device both vertically and horizontally.

- A fabulous characteristic is its ability to meld to a not-so-flat surface and still prop your device steadily and at a great angle, e.g., on your lap, arm of a chair, or torso (while lying down, of course).  

- We've analyzed and selected the correct weight of fill for each size that allows your device to stay put, in a firm position, while swiping or working with the screen. No shimmy here!

- Cleverly replaced are the random 'lean on me' objects we seek to prop our phone or tablet upright, which include the roll of paper towels, butternut squash, a person, soup can, lamp, stack of books, and nest of pillows. Let us also bring honor to the ball cap, potted plant, and our faithful cats and dogs for their dual functionality in our time of need!



 small - 0.5lb.
 medium - 1.5lbs.
 large - 2.5lbs.

Materials: hand-dyed cotton batik, select whole grains

Care instructions: spot clean with a dry, soft to medium bristle brush. If necessary, a slightly dampened cloth may be used to spot clean, allow to air dry.